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SMartIb da cobertura legal y acompañamiento a sus socios y socias, ofreciéndoles servicios mutualizados para que puedan desarrollar su actividad profesional en un marco laboral adecuado. Servimos de plataforma para el trabajo en red y la conectividad del sector creativo.

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KATUMA is a tool for collaborative consumption groups administrators, members and providers.Skip the middleman, buy directly from the providers.Easily create collaborative consumption groups.Build a meaningful relationship with the providers.An alternative marketplace for providers.

Som Energia Platform

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Som Energia is a Spanish cooperative social movement that has three main funtions 1) it commercialises 100% renewable electricity to the Spanish homes; 2) cooperativists collectively invest in installations to generate renewable electricity and 3) a social movement that shares knowledge and activism to build up pressure to change the electricity market in favour of a distributed renewable energy s