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Sentilo is the piece of architecture that will isolate the applications that are developed to exploit the information "generated by the city" and the layer of sensors deployed across the city to collect and broadcast this information. The Barcelona City Council, through the Municipal Institute of Informatics (IMI), started in November 2012 a project conceived for define the strategy a

Fair Coop

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Espanya is an open global cooperative, self-organized via the Internet and remaining outside nation-state control. Its aim is to make the transition to a new world by reducing the economic and social inequalities among human beings as much as possible, and at the same time gradually contribute to a new global wealth, accessible to all humankind as commons. understands that the tr


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L’associació per a l’Expansió de la Xarxa Oberta (eXO) està profundament vinculada al projecte i es regeix pels mateixos principis que aquest.