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TimeOveflow is specially designed for and by Time Banks that physically exist — see map, and its purpose is to boost them thanks to Internet. Thanks to the joint job of CoopDevs and ADBdT today we can offer the software TimeOverflow to all Time Banks that want it, open and for free. The source code of TimeOverflow is available based on an open source license and you can download it at Github


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SMartIb da cobertura legal y acompañamiento a sus socios y socias, ofreciéndoles servicios mutualizados para que puedan desarrollar su actividad profesional en un marco laboral adecuado. Servimos de plataforma para el trabajo en red y la conectividad del sector creativo.


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Sentilo is the piece of architecture that will isolate the applications that are developed to exploit the information "generated by the city" and the layer of sensors deployed across the city to collect and broadcast this information. The Barcelona City Council, through the Municipal Institute of Informatics (IMI), started in November 2012 a project conceived for define the strategy a

Hort Asana

La Garrotxa
Hort Asana El projecte elmonetstu té com a finalitat promoure, difondre i donar formació sobre l’agroecologia. La seva vessant social i participativa consisteix en explorar noves formes de relació entre pagesos i consumidors; volem que pogueu conèixer l’Hort Asana; visitant-nos, essent informats del dia a dia, participant si voleu en diverses activitats de l’associació.